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Home Health Aide
Personal Care Attendants (PCA) and Home Health Aides (HHAs) offer clients help with many daily self-care tasks. A Life Saver Home Care's professionals can offer the same socialization and light housekeeping services offered by a Companion, and much more. They are trained to be aware of changes in their client’s behavior and vital signs that might indicate the need for medical intervention.
Who Can Benefit from Personal Care?
Personal care is a preferred option for clients who are too ill, confused, or physically unable to do things for themselves. PCAs and HHAs offer assistance to clients who:
  •     Have difficulty performing daily self-care and hygiene tasks
  •     Should be monitored for signs of a change in health condition
  •     Require assistance to maintain mobility
  •     Need non-invasive postoperative care
  •     Must be supported in moving in and out of bed or in using a mobility device
PCAs and HHAs are an important part of the team that helps clients recover or maintain their health and quality of life. The experienced assistants and aides sent by A Life Saver Home Care are sensitive to the fact that each client has a different level of ability. They are careful to preserve the dignity, privacy, and independence of clients by providing the ideal level of support needed for each task.
Personal Care Assistants Go Where They Are Needed
PCAs and HHAs may provide services in a variety of settings. While they are often retained for home-based care after surgery or hospitalization or for hospice care at home, they can also serve clients in a variety of other settings. These include group homes, assisted living centers, and retirement communities.
Typical Personal Care Tasks
An HHA or PCA may perform many daily tasks around the home to assist the client. In a typical day, they may provide assistance in the following ways:
  • Providing “hands on” care, including bathing, dressing, shaving, skin, mouth, and hair care
  • Measuring temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, intake and output of fluids (if necessary)
  • Assisting with eating
  • Assisting with the use of ambulation devices (wheelchair, walker, etc.)
  • Changing a colostomy bag or applying an external catheter
  • Reinforcing dressings
  • Assisting with prescribed range of motion (ROM) exercises
  • Assisting with prescribed ice cap or collar
Choosing the Right Personal Care Assistant Matters
When a client needs personal care, we know that they are often in distress and feeling vulnerable. Often, their level of ability to care for themselves has recently changed, they are recovering from a surgery or illness, or they are in end-of-life care. In any event, there can be many stressors involved. Our goal is to make the process of finding the right PCA or HHA as quick and stress-free as possible. Thank you for placing your confidence in A life Saver Home Care

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