Home Therapy

We help you recover from injury or illness at home through our Home Therapy services, designed to rehabilitate and support you in regaining confidence and independence. Engage our qualified PhysiotherapistsOccupational Therapists or Speech Therapists to visit your home and help with:

  • Assessing rehabilitation needs
  • Designing treatment and rehabilitation plans
  • Exercises to improve performance of daily activities (e.g. bathing, feeding, toileting)
  • Teaching how to use walking aids (e.g. crutches, frames, wheelchair)
  • Assessing home safety and recommending home modifications
  • Exercises to improve articulation, communication or reduce swallowing difficulties

Home Physiotherapy

When you may need Home Therapy

  • When it is inconvenient for you to travel to a clinic or a centre
  • If you need to improve physical function and mobility after a major illness, surgery and/or injury
  • If you have balance issues/previous falls and want to prevent subsequent falls
  • If you have joint pain or weakness that limits daily activities
  • If you want to improve your wellness through exercise

How it works

Our Physiotherapists will conduct an interview with you to understand your concerns and rehabilitation goals.

Next, they will perform a physical assessment, which includes tests of strength and movement, to determine your problem list and diagnosis.

They will then provide treatment and advice on how to exercise, modify activities and manage pain.

Your treatment options may include:

  • Movement and balance training
  • Endurance and strength training
  • Falls prevention techniques and recovery
  • Health and wellness education
  • Pain management
  • Advice on posture and lifting techniques
  • Caregiver training

Home Occupational Therapy

When you may need Home Occupational Therapy

  • If you need to improve on your mobility after a major illness and/or injury so you can perform daily activities (e.g. bathing, feeding, toileting, meal preparation and chores) at home or at work
  • If you want to know how to prevent falls
  • If you want to learn how to use assistive equipment (e.g. crutches, frames, wheelchair)
  • If you want to make home modifications

How it works

Our Occupational Therapists will assess your lifestyle and habits before developing a treatment plan that may include:

  • Setting goals for your treatment
  • Re-train your ability to carry out daily activities of living such as household chores, feeding yourself, dressing for work, etc.
  • Teaching you how to use Personal Mobility Aids (PMA)
  • Caregiver training
  • Recommendations for changes to home environment

Home Speech Therapy

When you may need Home Speech Therapy

  • When you need to learn how to safely consume food and drink
  • When you need to better understand speech and articulate yourself

How it works

Our speech therapist will visit you at home to provide training on swallowing of food and drinks and training on how to converse, understand and engage in a conversation

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