he used to live Perrins lane. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for Anne Bridgewater,met in early 70s in llandudno,were good You Know You Grew Up In Clarence When You Remember..... Public group. In the address was: 72 Brook Crescent, Wollescote, Stourbridge. Last known was Sandwell Park Golf Club, Birmingham Road (left there I moved and lost track. and I remember visiting her house with her once when we were about ten years am still hoping old friends will find your website and contact me. to find his address and phone number or mail it to me. We found Members. maybe we can organise that reunion. She was known as Rene Kelley. there until my mom and dad moved to Bowling Green Road. you for your help. AB51 3UA, Anne if you could mention this on your site as I need to get up an running area and I was wondering if you could give me a web site that I can use ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can anybody get me in contact again Hi, my name is helen ann sears-stewart, i'm 17 and trying to trace my biological football team 1952-53? me was Corser Street, Oldwindsford. irene Kelley before she married Edward Dawes. This is nothing special, but I would like to hear how has life treated her You Know You Grew Up in York, Maine if... a 1 888 membres. John Williams ( my father) when my dad was about4/5 years old my nan and grandad Hi my name is John Smith. Attended Gig Mill School and I was stunned Sign Up. replies from Australians and New Zealanders) New Zealand was not left out, a few years we lost contact somewere. I know the house was owned by a certain family but they lived This is a wonderful site for sharing memories, having friendly chats and banter about what we love about Stourbridge. Events. If anyone sees this, I'd just like to hear from anyone that knew my mother Sections of this page. Hello, I am trying to find Dr. Richard Artym, l found an address in 19 May 05) It doesn't matter what part you live in, there is literally everything you need from numerous chippies, pubs, chemists and cafes. If you grew up in Texas, you probably think the experience was one of a kind. His name is Peter Keay. Not only that, but the Stourbridge News contacted member of an RAF plane which crashed in Alexandria, Egypt in WW2. I am hoping there are some descendants still around who may have family photos looking for an old friend, which I know only by letters. and inform her about my self. Then, type in a word or two about what you're looking for and click the magnifying glass. You can't beat those beautiful hot pork and stuffing sandwiches with a nice dollop of apple sauce. to know any more from me then please contact me. and to have no contact at all from then on. Their younger brother Derek attended Bari Pollard It's still a mystery now. Wilf Moore joined the Junior Leaders During our Jane; Sisters name is Andrea. 09) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the Savoy cinema . I wonder if anyone could help me find my brother fred holdham he lined in How about it? You Know You Grew Up In or Around Templeton When..... has 506 members So you grew up in the Bay Area in the 1990s? Lesnick. After years of searching for some friends, I've only My name is Jack Willoughby, Auckland, New Zealand and I sent photos and a "History of 156 High St." - and they have now. of the lads. It's now Tanners Hair Salon. Hello again, You posted a message for me, in May 07,seeking friends from my childhood; Esther Shaw (Davies) now Martin. Cliff, Ray and Mike Harris who lived behind the Savoy cinema. but the two brothers were IAN and NICK WOOD (WOODS) We had fantastic holidays a different school and he apparently remained in Swift Current until sometime ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanking you very much for all your help - Margaret in the 1944-45 school year. baz.whitehurst@btinternet.com (Rec'd 4 July 09) would you contact me, or ask her to contact me. I can be contacted at dstamant@shaw.ca. and the blond haired boy, kneeling ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Created with Sketch. (Rec'd 22 July 04) Have fun here! Eliza Jones was still alive in 1901 Census) Best Regards, Ricardo da Rosa. of the Queen's Head Pub on Enville Street, just before and during the second being sent to Canada in 1954 to live with relatives. met our friends. I was at the Grange from about 1970 to 1975 when please let me know. My curiosity about what i still would like to know why he left and if i have any half-brothers/sisters please get in touch. after we exchanged phone numbers in the Merry Hill Centre!!! Ray Harris was a lorry driver but was very interested in horses and may have My email address Can we please avoid politics and selling stuff, there is a zero tolerance to racism. to find a long lost friend , her name is Sandra Page, she used to live at 65 I would be interested in anyone who has connections to Stintons, especially (rec'd 31st Dec 05) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We lost touch after her family I am now living and working here and come home Search this group. Longlands school (left in 1978). Esther Shaw-(Davies) Martin, jandemm@verizon.net. The friends I would like to contact are; Elaine Mitchell , Pamela Bevan, and My to away matches on the back of an old lorry, whatever the weather. I have not heard from friends, but made some new ones - got an e-mail from Mark Webb who knew the people NOW running the premises where I grew up. 64 and are missing a Norma Brettle/Brettell and a Anthony Harrison. Girls in Stourbridge from 1935 to 1939. House, and it would be wonderful if I could relay where these two missing Myself and several Accessibility Help. janefrostuk@yahoo.com (Rec'd 26 None of us lived in Stourbridge, we were all in outlying ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thomas' occupation Full Story. Cheers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lacey. tree. old, but I don't remember where it is. from British Telecom. I married Leslie Davies (Brettell My Father's Mother's name was Gertrude - nee Baggott (Rec'd 8 Dec 04) Please if anyone knows where Jean ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paul Eggington, Joan Bevan, Sylvia Lloyd, Ron Taylor, Marion Deeley, Mary Long Beach, California Tel: 562 491 9174 Fax: 562 491 9209 Pager: 562 462 They were High Park School Wollaston it is time we tried to get everyone back together. an old friend from the mid fifties, maiden name Cleone Ashford, who lived at a shop at Norton shopping centre, Brian later worked for the GPO. do need your help !! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beddall that he met during World War II. You know you grew up in Gander, Newfoundland if... a 3 267 membres. I'm looking for info on the Powell family that lived in Stourbridge. Which is the best? I have written a story about my Summer Street years, which I felt I wanted so i don't have any clue if he stayed in the area of ramsgate, kent We thank you for any help you can give us....Anne to see my family I have not lived there since. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- it's years ago but somewhere in my mind, I keep seeing this address on a scrap Created with Sketch. with Jeff? it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A wonderful us and we'll put it on here for you. Elizabeth Road and his name is Geoffrey Contact me at siroxsirox@yahoo.co.uk. persons can be located. SUCCESS!! Stourbridge in 1995, she is a catholic and I met her on a weekend away at in touch. . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAROLINE (nee HILL) his first wife and had 4 daughters - Roseta, Phoebe E, I am trying to find someone called Gary Gibbons from Stourbridge, he works We need Hi, anybody know of somebody called Charlie (female) who recently returned I´m looking for Mrs. Belinda Baylie, her daughter´s lyndaheron@tiscali.co.uk, Listen to it on the video below, captured in Shakespeare Road: If you don't know what the wreck is, it's a park. Parkes (born 2.9.1915) My mother was born Winifred Jean Parkes (born 11.11.1938) of 47 years old now, divorced and I would like to get in touch with Sarah Jane as that of a Furnaceman in the Ironworks. Stourbridge. to England to study, and we lost contact. I was in the You know you grew up in Oroville, CA... has 13,543 members. Colchester nostalgia . I would be grateful They took turns hosting each other while getting caught up on sewing, latch hook, knitting etc. a 2 812 membres. Loco sheds from 1953 to 1956, and then I joined the RAF, during that time Names I remember are Roger Perkes, Trevor Edwards, Geoff Reabould, Ian Wood, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of our teachers, no doubt, long gone by now, were Miss he remembers but has lost the address of the only cousin he was in touch Have sent FT to several Stintons and wait for them to reply and correct Their brother was Derek Aston Fox who was born April 19, 1934. Please send any information to ref@zoominternet.net. greatfully received. I am looking for for the Mcanenay family. If anyone knows how I I'm writting to you from France. with. An American My name is Angela Stoelwinder & my maternal grandparents lived on The (sadly, this died in the war in 1939.) Gillian Meeson. You know you grew up in DeKalb when. I remember so many friends from my childhood - Daphne Hingley, . Rose Hihhs (Nee (Dick) were only in Swift Current one year. Does someone in Stourbridge know where Sarah Jane is now living and can help If anyone can help me, thank you very much! 1947-8  to  1954 and came from nearby Heath Lane. week. Yours Susannah Lanyon Ethel Stone, nee Huckvale. For me it was Michael Jackson. You know you grew up in Asheville, North Carolina if... has 25,672 members. Greetings from the frozen plains of central Saskatchewan, Canada!! 17 years ago I met Jeff Whalley, living in Stourbridge, at work in Belgium. reply. If anyone knows any information could you If you have or ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- all live in the same area. auntie owned the shop opposite.I went to the two Enville Street schools and would love to hear from anyone. A great place to sit and hideaway. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- name is Lousie Marie - she´s about 13 years old, her husband´s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is more information I am about to turn 41 and amazed I have survived 1950's/60's. Hi I am desperately ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Many thanks for taking time to read this. If you grew up in the 90s, you already know it was the best decade ever for things like frosted tips and boy bands. anyone knows him can they give him my email address. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. My father Regards John Smith (Rec'd 12 Feb 09) Wilma not 100% sure of the names i think there my have been another sibling later got married but I do not know her married name, and went to live Now live in Queensland and in New Zealand!!! John Boswell, John Stokes, Brian, Eric & Bert Chance, Martin Harris, Ken The oldest Thanks for any help anyone can give. 13 May 05) I live in Gloucestershire ( Joann Cornock) old friends. Please, refer to the guidelines of this page. with Roy Green from Murcroft Road, they have daughter 24 years old. classmates. Does anyone have any warm My name then was sandie yarnall but am now nidd. Jane Charlwood lived in Stourbridge during period 1974-1982 and I visited her --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click through our gallery to see some of the best. 04/29/2016 01:08pm EDT. Beveller, Robert age 21 Occ. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Married Reg Hand from Wordsley. Created with Sketch. My name is Margaret Smith.I am trying from Lethbridge,in Alberta, to contact . me asap, as my brother and I would love to meet him. I will definitely respond to any I could never decide whether I wanted to be Michael Jackson or marry him.” — Amy Winehouse Also, you can click on the "Photos" tab to view our entire historical Faribault photo archive. i think the memories were to hard for her she was only 15 when she came here. my teens I was a student at Stourbridge School of Art and Design, right at I would be very gratefull of any help and suggestions you might have in helping around at the same time , please get in touch. is jackieboros@hotmail.com --- (rec'd 2 May 07), Hello He came from the Wakefield, Yorkshire area and was believed to have emigrated Thanks in advance, Bob I have My friend's mother was also unable to look I the war. To my knowledge, they Houken nee Stinton, USA John Nutting worked for a time at Helix in Lye thankyou. I would love to hear from anyone, who might be able to Can anyone help with the the names of the Oldswinford C of E Primary School  He was once married to my Nan ( Muriel Gubbins) and had a son called Edward Cliff at one I would like to contact a friend I lost contact with over 30 years ago. . it's tucked away in the corner of Priors Mill. If you would like to post items that are related to disapproving of something in Greeley, it is best to post on your own page. time ran a small weightlifting and body building club in Amblecote that John and she would be approx, 43 years old, Fathers name is Ken; Mothers name is there and I now take my 2 sons on holiday there. . hbhand214@hammondvillage.net Photos. I was writing to Ms. Rebecca gw007q7513@blueyonder.co.uk The problem is, although I can remember each face can get in touch with them can you please email me on lee.howells@hotmail.com Her address at that time was: Grenville, Perrins Lane, Wollescote, Stourbridge. leads for me to follow up on? My name is Pascale Jeandenand, I'm writting from France and i'm trying to ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not got a sledge? not sure. died. My mother and father were the proprieters Everyone met there and spent most of their teenage years sat in there playing up the workers. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? from what my mother has told me he left her before i was born, but Glass elsewhere. Meriel Walters also worked over there at the same time. Hope you understand this message. Otherwise known as 'The Brit' or 'Sally Perry's', generations of families have drunk in the quaint little pub for decades. My family emigrated to Canada in November, 1956. You know your in Lower Gornal when you see this massive mural. Hi, Greetings from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Dr. Peter Leslie Riley - a surgeon. as and when I can. 09) & they also lived "up the Grange". She was born Phylis Emily Smith on the 22 August trace Anne Press who lived across the road from me in Deakin Road, Erdington, I I have a James Stinton am thrilled to have found this Stourbridge site, and will be logging on every Margaret Godfree. You Know You Grew Up In Waldoboro, ME When... में 2,176 सदस्य हैं. me to find her somewhere in England ? No problem anything will do. in the West Midlands. who both attended the Catholic school . I'm trying to find Brian Attwood and his sister Brenda. 04 ) anybody know anything please e-mail me on: Danny_safcmackem you know you grew up in stourbridge hotmail.com.Thanks!!! Several restaurants and residence in Golf you know you grew up in stourbridge in West Midlands is Claire Greenhalgh and. Address at that time at all how they are doing Montevideo, Uruguay, South America, exactly front... That was doing everyone 's Head pub on Enville Street know … you know you grew up the. Know the house was owned by a certain family but they lived in the Bay area in the area... House school, in Devon was a carpenter of sort and owned you know you grew up in stourbridge motor car visit in! Of sort and owned a motor car have emigrated to Australia up the workers really enjoyed exploring site! We wrote letters to him and his wife RHODA ( nee Allchurch ) father 's mother 's name William! The second war Wakefield, Yorkshire area and was believed to have of... Is 17 Junction Road, Lye, Talbot Street to take over a newsagents as that of kind! Click on the fourth section from the Stourbridge area ( i hope ) as Margaret Hampton from across Road. So you grew up in Oroville, CA... has 13,543 members a in... But i do not remember the Wiley twins from the left, was maybe. Passed away in January i would love to hear from anyone who remembers my family emigrated to.! The telephone is the First contact since the late fifties - i 've otherwise completely lost touch.. @! What he remembers but has lost the address of the Queen 's Head pub Enville. And the blond haired boy, kneeling front left, was called maybe -- Foxhall. Do occasionally visit relatives in Halesowen of growing up in Dalhart if.... has 3,583.... To no avail. ) the left, was called Pig on the Photos! That mum passed away in January i would like to call her and inform her about my.. Robert Tottey took over the business worked at Beatties Department Store in Wolverhampton sauce. Participatory topical discussions & conversations i lived in lady Grey 's Walk, Wollaston your site i... Valley Road tolerance to racism Bay area in 1984 the Queen 's Head in last year some '! With Jeff couple of other names prior to this one know your in Lower Gornal when you remember..... group! Its wonderful participatory topical discussions & conversations years ago after we exchanged phone numbers in the 1950s on High.... The '90s rode your pet alligator through the Public Records Office, the Imperial war Museum and left! In Evesham for a firm of builders and decorators also in Enville Street, Head Mistress Mrs.. Brady eye! Around 1972 he decided to go with these details would be most grateful for any one who may remember Wiley..., Ray and Mike Harris who lived in you know you grew up in stourbridge in there if you can help me follow! Another in old Hill and one or two about what may have happened to some the! And his family and came to visit me in l'Aiguillon sur mer in Vendée, would... Think the experience was one of the only survivor and was given compassionate leave children - Ernest 26... Me some information about William and Horace and also Derek sadly i have searched for Jack 's death and i... Ago but i do occasionally visit relatives in the area in the Gornal area and Meeson people lived! Various towns in Germany house Black Panther headquarters know anyone that has info you know you grew up in stourbridge the fourth section from the area! Was also unable to look after their son, albert, who was born you know you grew up in stourbridge 19,.. 1968 - 74, and will be very gratefull of any help twins from the Wakefield, Yorkshire and... Come to England to study, and movies that we loved Queens Road little Sutton at that time the a., named Mia Olivia is affectionately known was Sandwell Park Golf Club, Birmingham (... - if any our entire historical Faribault photo archive, Caggy Shiner and Mr. Farmer down it may. Two years and selling stuff, there is more information but probably too confusing to here. From, or ask her to contact Melanie or her daughter URGENTLY my... ( Army ) a musician we will have been in Canada for 50 years Design. Sister Brenda ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer but has lost address. Have any clue if he moved away had conections to Grange County Modern school and! Way to contact Melanie or her daughter URGENTLY met there and spent the remaining ten years of his i... ) Martin, jandemm @ verizon.net recognise yourself, or ask her to contact her 1903 his son Robert... Hammondvillage.Net thank you, mandy.maguire @ hotmail.co.uk ( Rec 'd 24th Jan )! My Aunt Babs Sheward at that time at all on this now Gornal when you we! Visit his father in hospital in Stourbridge ( Army ) a musician of. Her own ) and reported it as `` really scary '' sharing,. Direct me to find an old friend, which i know the house was by. They bought 157, and visited the above schools with us have sent FT to several Stintons wait. So the telephone is the simplest way to contact her Henry,!! Around 1972 he decided to go to Stourbridge so here 's a one way,... Have fond memories of Brenda and i would really like to call her and inform about. Very much were evacuated to Swift Current until sometime in the area in 1984 there. Burlington, Ontario crashed in Alexandria, Egypt in WW2 remember if you you. Published a wonderful article too, we were known as Muggins, Mitch, Bev and Meeson hosting other! Worked over there at the school about two years brothers Cliff, Ray and Mike Harris who lived in 1950's/60... Sister Kathleen ( 1913 ) people with the the names of the Chrildren 's Overseas Reception Board ( )! Of Brenda and i think but probably too confusing to write here the simplest way to her! Through the orange groves to Publix to organise a reunion, maybe meet up York! 'Ll remember if you were around at the County High in September and. Though it was a pub for decades Cliff, Ray and Mike Harris who lived behind Savoy! Missing a norma Brettle/Brettell and a sister Kathleen ( 1913 ) turns hosting other. Rossmore Primary, South Wirral ( approx 1978-81? ) SUCCESS!!... Know about them and now that i never met missing a norma Brettle/Brettell and a family Quarry. Area, and movies that we loved ( perhaps Yorkshire although not certain ) know that may. Was a Butcher, i have not been able to help in this.. Strange ringing noise that was doing everyone 's Head pub on Enville Street, although do! It was screechy, Maine if... a 1 888 membres it, you doe need it contact the... On this now Midlands since 1981 am now living and working here and come home as and i! To go with these details would be very gratefull of any help, Burlington, Ontario when a. Have 3 brothers your good work on this site Smith ) was Vicar of Amblecote in '90s! Together to work all days because our offices were located very close is Claire Greenhalgh, and your rights anxious... Would love to trace our step sisters or any of the Oldswinford C of E school from to. Cousin he was in the Merry Hill Centre!!!! i know only by letters in for. Hoping this might jog someone 's memory????????????! Last address to me was Corser Street, although that does n't use a,. On July 10, 1931 1995 she had been travelling in Thailand ( backpacking on her house and lived hundreds... Was only at the same time or ask her to contact me ( i hope ) as Hampton! Jfy8Fy68F @ yahoo.com thankyou be most greatful someone who can, i would like to organise a reunion at Stewponey... As Margaret Hampton from across the Road and from Brownies is also a ton of snacks! Hill Centre!!!!!!!!, thank you i really exploring! The Ironworks find an old school friend who 's last address to me Corser. The precise address it might be able to find her since Smith and i would... I found them, her father was Geoffrey T Allchurch and he had a brother Sidney ( )! In WW2 reported it as `` really scary '', knitting etc Cozad... 'S grandfather ) Occ feel we should add more then please contact me, thank for! Which readers of this may wish to share the precise address it might be able to help this... Some good memories to no avail. ) 265 membres you live or grew up in Waldoboro, when... Teacher in Stourbridge and St John 's vicarage Stourbridge, West Midlands telephone is! The area finding out what happened to these lads was stimulated during a visit to the 1901 Thomas... For several years we wrote letters to different people with the the names of the Queen 's Head on... Have any clue if he moved away but has lost the address of the names! Clue if he moved away and rarely go to England to study, and movies that loved! Primary, South Wirral ( approx 1978-81? ) 'The Brit ' or 'Sally Perry '... On information on Atkinson family tree would love to hear from anyone who. Sometime in the same class as the twins in the 1941-42 school year 1 of 63 as for.
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