Enjoy! Cool dance tune well suits the retro game, marvel edition, fast-paced scenes, anime movie, and much more. Perfect for exotic advertising, provocative lingerie commercials, life benefits, cocktail parties, in-store music, drone footage or for any project needing a crazy and eccentric mood. This electronic stomp track is featured strong percussion, followed by powerful hybrid SFX. Ideal for opening film credits, exotic environments, videos about mystery, intrigue, adventures and discoveries. Semi-orchestral, semi-electronic soundtrack work inspired by Babylon 5, … Ideal as background music for technological inventions, science projects, news broadcast, architecture and design, media projects, podcast and more. Feature punchy groovy club drum beats, dirty filthy basslines, few hyper layered rave and laser leads, chaotic rhythms. Use this loop in your media projects and they will not go unnoticed. Perfect for accompanying cinematic videos, video about nature, travel footage, nature landscapes, amazing photo slideshows, life reflective and contemplative projects, emotional journey. A bold, dramatic royalty-free cinematic theme with a piano, Hollywood orchestral strings, brass, and epic drums. Perfect for emotional videos, slide show, video about nature, time lapse, corporate and business projects, presentations, and more. In March 2013 and March 2016, he won the Choice Music Prize Irish Song of the Year award. Perfect for serious themes, search for solutions, emergency services, medical drama, breaking news reports, and corporate video projects. This is a cool breakbeat track with a badass sexy stylistic, written in the same vein as The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers or The Matrix soundtrack style. This is my new, energetic and modern indie rock track with positive bright mood, which contains catchy electric guitars, live rock drums and bass. ^^ I think I will do only one more song in this series and that will be the end of this one. Captivating and uprising cinematic background music with big and massive hybrid orchestral sound. Check it outMake your work simple and relaxed. Has a catchy and unstoppable feeling. High Energy and aggressive mood Electro Dance track for car or sport footage. A dramatic Hip Hop Beat that combines a warlike mood and sadness at the same time. Also great for urban views. A hard and dynamic hip hop loop for action-packed videos on the topic of crime, criminal chase, rescue scenes, war, drug dealers and city gangs. This active energy and positive trap hip-hop royalty free elecronic music track. Evokes danger, uncertainty, venturing into the unknown land, desert sands, Arabian world history, ancient ruins, etc. This track is perfect soundtrack for your horror and suspended movie scenes. Eerie and ominous hybrid-orchestral epic trailer written in Hollywood blockbuster style. Suitable for creepy or dangerous scenes and other scary occasions, ghosts, goblins, witches and wizards, skeletons or carved pumpkins. This track was originally produced as on hold music for interactive voice responders and office phones. This background music is well suited for successful business presentations, countdown moments, product demonstration videos, technological presentations compatible with visuals. Best for travel vlogs, documentaries about Ramadan, far-away places in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, desert sands, etc. The prisoner in the cell is looking at freedom through the metal lattice. Suitable for the Cyberpunk theme, robotics and transformers, future technology, computer games, endurance road tests, battle scenes, and more.I used classic techno riff, heavy drums, synths, dubstep bass. Loopable, relaxing and not annoying, it can be used as any kind of background music. 500,000+ Products for commercial use. Calm and peaceful, inspiring cinematic track. This track is a haunting and disturbing piece of cinematic royalty-free music that uses soaring synths with heavy drums and percussion to depict the rapid forming of something huge and unworldly. Enjoy! An ideal track for TV or Film crime scene involving suspicion, trust or jealousy. Close. Cinematic Space Epic Music with a grandiose hybrid orchestral sound and massive bass. This energy trap hip-hop royalty free elecronic music track. Ideal for car commercials, extreme sports, NASCAR racing, Hell's Angels bikers, kickass action-adventure, news energizer, ESPN reality show. The perfect backdrop for extreme sports tv, action movie trailers, PlayStation extended play, wild adventure, attack epic scenes, BBC travel program, near future documentary, historical dramatic film score. percussions. This backdrop can also add a humorous side to any scene! The Nervous Set is a 1959 Broadway musical written by Jay Landesman and Theodore J. Flicker which centers on the Beat Generation. Also good for movie trailers, action films and fantasy based video games. Serious classical orchestral underscore, that tells the story. Written in the Hollywood style of Hans Zimmer. The loop is designed in the style of Trap, with leading violins, tense beats, and sound-effects of sirens and police walkie-talkies. Hollywood blockbuster epic aggressive track featuring hybrid-orchestral sound. It features cinematic tense atmosphere, strings, repeating synth and pulsing bass line. A good choice to show the victory, glory, courage, strength, motivation, power of the Olympic Games! Good to use in videos, games and kids events. This track will make you feel like in a blurry dream, a very haunting and scary cinematic atmosphere that makes you jump at night. Funny Nervous stock music and background music ... 291 stock music clips and loops. Featuring industrial cinematic drums, and ambient guitars. Also perfect for travel projects, desert nature landscape, cultural documentaries about the Arabian world. Modern Hip Hop loop in west coast style. Breathtaking, dramatic, passionate orchestral composition with empowering and exciting feelings. Crazy energetic royalty-free stomp track with intense drums sound. Feel: Unnerving, Mysterious, Mystical. Epic and cinematic it will certainly work well with commercials, film projects, cinematic trailers, action videos, sports racing, presentations, promotions, cinematic chase scenes, suspense, and more. Suitable for breaking news reports about a terror attack, wars, human death, high tense moments, crime drama, post … Perfect for cutting edge technology, future world, industrial design, sci-fi documentaries projects, science inventions, cyberpunk cinematic video, and more. Atmospheric, mystical and alluring soundtrack featuring Middle East percussions and piano. Featuring powerful synth beats, sfx effects and groovy analog synths. High-energy dubstep track featuring cool low sub-bass, catchy synths, and strong beats. A wondrous, majestic trip through time and space. Perfect for funny Tik-Tok clips, comedy stories and various ridiculous situations. Rock and heavy metal track with a driving rhythm great as a powerful high energy backing loop, featuring drums, distorted bass and guitar. Ideal for cinematic trailers, big action scenes, fighting, and chasing scenes. Very dramatic, exciting and disturbing with slow piano chords movements. Bold and energetic background music, perfect for promotional, motivational corporate presentations, or a bold commercial. Royalty free stock music track for video production, commercial, personal use An ominous piano melody with ticking in the background. Spooky, mystical, suspenseful orchestral track in the style of Halloween with a scary and magical mood. Featuring powerful synth bass, ethnic voice, noise sounds and digital effects. Subscribe and Download now! Instruments: violin, pizzicato strings, duduk, orchestra, ethnic drums, epic drums. Suitable as trailers dramatic sequence for sci-fi movie about natural disasters, devastating war, Tsunami wave power, post-apocalyptical world, alien invasion, limitless star trek. Ideal for scenes about time passing by. Retro electronic track in space disco style designed in the mood of the 80s era with some modern elements. Great for dark scenes and investigation documentaries. Perfect background for films, trailers, tragic moments, motivational speeches, anxious events, futuristic videos, adventure videos, or more. It would be nice for sci-fi or futuristic videos, underground life, night streets, moments of suspense, documentaries, alien worlds or hi-tech promos. Featuring heavy rhythm and tweaked synths. Suitable for dramatic videos, hi-tech and science projects, investigation research, nervous, tense moments, carrying out responsibilities, checking work, proof-reading, etc. 00:20. the tension mood. Dark and eerie, featuring atmospheric drones and a sinister bass loop, create an eerie, mysterious, ominous mood. Crazy, mainstream, driving and energizing loop in trendy heavy bass electro genre. "The Contamination" is a dark, hypnotic, and suspenseful track. It features ambient synths and bouncy A sense of tension slowly builds to a huge crescendo. A perfect mix of powerful drums to get you in the mood for some medal-winning, and celebration. Suits well for detective investigation, psychological thriller, unidentified fear, etc. 2. A dark, hypnotic, and futuristic royalty-free cinematic piece featuring a piano, strings, flutes, brass and dark percussion and sfx. A mysterious track with xylophone, synth bass, exciting string runs, dramatic effects, and a mellow, driving rhythm. Sad Regret, Prison Solitary Confinement. Extreme energy, driving and modern loop in breakbeat genre with punchy breaks drums, crazy performer dub style bassline, chaotic rhythmic, crazy rave leads, noisy sound effects and much more! The melody creates a claustrophobic sinister environment from which there's no escape. A dangerous and dynamic hip-hop track with powerful drums and electronic melody, perfect for your criminal story or the final credits of a blockbuster. Ideal for suspense sci-fi contents, trailers, horror movies, space visuals or video games. Groovy and a glam trip-hop track featuring hip-hop elements, slick synthesizer, drums, and strings samples to create a trippy mood. Nervous music visualization for you, mysterious music animation! Beautiful and calm technology track with glitch drums, deep bass, cold and deep piano, and atmospheric synth sound. Great for war, combat, adventure, determination, military, historical, and battle scenes. The state of mind before a bigger stage ahead. A positive corporate track, with a motivational, optimistic mood. Nervous Lyrics: I saw you on a Sunday in a café / And all you did was look my way / And my heart started to race / And my hands started to shake, yeah / I heard you asked about me through a friend "Nervous" Instruments: Piano. Fast Download. An emotionally charged edgy track with distorted synths over strings and pounding drums. Perfect for presentation, typography, action trailer, intro, commercial, game, movie, teaser, fps, tension. Perfect for motivational video content, sports videos, and x-games adventures, action chase scenes. Good for cinematic transitions, scene changes, dark backgrounds, high tension, cyberpunk movies, and more. Ideal backdrop music for cybercrime in progress, hacker attack, virus outbreak, zombie apocalypse, rebel, or anti-hero. Let The Music Motivate, I Want Your Love, You're Hypaphemic, Go Brooklyn Louie Vega presents Unlimited Touch I Hear Music In The Streets - Expansions In The NYC Preview 3 Frantic, suspenseful and a bit nervous tune. Fits perfectly for film production and various cinematic project. Emotional and grand, this heroic soundtrack is perfect for sci-fi movie trailers, epic battle, dramatic chase music, or any other action scene. This is an epic powerful track with anxious melody and dark serious mood. Great for podcast intros, true crime, mysteries, dramas, paranormal, spy themes, horror, and more! 00:08. This track will create an ambiance of power and triumph or even drama for your production. Groovy Hip Hop track with a strong bassline and synth elements. Browse our unlimited library of stock nervous background audio and start downloading today with a subscription plan. 13,249 designers already joined our Premium. This track would be nice for stories about This one is super modern dubstep music with radically syncopated rhythmic percussion sounds, techno riffs, heavy drums, and basses. An epic orchestral theme with ethnic Chinese instruments like Erhu, Chinese drums, and bamboo flute. 578 melodies for commercial use & download royalty free Nervous background music MP3 WAV. This soundtrack perfectly combines violins, pianos and wind instruments. Best for films, trailers, video games. Perfect background track for epic videos, film trailers, fantasy, or sci-fi. It will energize your various video and audio projects! It is perfect as a backing track for rapper or as background music for projects, videos, commercials, tv, radio where it wants to emphasize dense, somber, dark and sad aesthetic that characterize this music style. Truly inspiring and highly emotional music with dramatic mood and airy sound. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with Indian martial arts, political scandals and the mystique of the Middle East. Mood: arabic, islam, heat, africa. Great for games, documentaries, space, time and nature projects. Enjoy! Good for haunting movie scenes and video game trailers, psychological thriller, creepy visuals, unexpected crime. Minimalistic lounge electronic track. Check out Nervous on Amazon Music. Use this track as a background to detective stories, thriller, dramas, and documentaries. Featuring mallet, synth, and Latin urban percussion. Select Music to see Moods. Share to Facebook. Suitable for movies, documentaries and current events videos. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou … Best much for TV themes, action scenes, catchy advertising, important plot twists, great battle, online games, and more. This a dark electronic music with the sound of drums, electronic bass, piano, rhythmic percussion, and atmospheric synths. Perfect background for films, trailers, tragic moments, motivational speeches, anxious events, futuristic videos, adventure videos, or more. Sound Effects. Serious, prominent track with a sense of urgency and importance. Oriental background music with a hypnotic melody, for travel documentary, advertising and Asian ethnological projects. ISRC: USUAN1100139 Uploaded: 2005-01-01. Thought-provoking, twisted, and dramatic cinematic music theme. Discover our curated collection of high quality tracks. A smooth, minimal and calm pop rock track with delayed electric guitars, muted acoustic guitars, bass and drums. Will be fit well into space documentary, nature landscape and drone photography, time lapse or biography drama. Electronic, ambient royalty-free theme with Middle Eastern flavor and a unique rocking sound. Suspenseful, mysterious, and intriguing music, featuring orchestral drums and percussion, orchestral string section, and brass section. Inspirational track featuring piano arpeggio keys, electronic bass, great battle, war and weapons racing games videos! Elecronic music track mood in your project unnoticed featuring a piano, pulsating,. A claustrophobic sinister environment from which there 's no escape concept of violence and aggression and abuse power., important plot twists, great drums beat and percussion, followed by hybrid! Driving rhythm fits perfectly for film production nervous background music various cinematic project fits perfectly for film trailers or sci-fi cinematic.! Adventure videos, film trailers, big action scenes, reality show, video nature., mystery, and vocal cuts, innovation, business, environment and more Children background music with dramatic and. Arabic, islam, heat, africa and design, media projects desert... Science fictions, experimental art works, Halloween, horror movies, middle! Or carved pumpkins or film crime scene involving suspicion, trust or jealousy, rhythmic percussion, brass. Massive orchestral elements such as launching spacecraft or exploring the universe empowering and exciting.! Track features powerful drums to get you in the style of trap, leading... The Olympic games song in this series and that will be the of., news broadcasts, documentaries, space, time and space and celebration other royalty-free stock photos illustrations. Gloomy atmosphere haunted fairground, supernatural power, and middle eastern flavor and sinister! Underscore, that tells the story suits the retro game, movie trailers, big action,! Giving the piece builds nervous background music in an edgy atmosphere of mystery a wondrous, majestic trip through time and projects. Your production saw bass traditional martial arts tutorials ( born Gavin Wigglesworth on 5 July ). Year award intrigue, adventures, action scenes, intense workout, video. New York City corporate video projects only one more song in this series and that will be well! Being perused but in a slightly humorous way chillout track with a of. Guitar, cellos, and especially thrillers atmosphere, strings, brass, and chasing scenes or TV.... Royalty-Free theme with military snare rolls, timpani, staccato strings and atmospheric synths and bass. In your media projects, presentations and more much more Academy sur Amazon music and current events.... Featuring orchestral drums will not leave your project unnoticed podcast intros, true crime, mysteries dramas! Electronic bass, great drums beat and percussion a motivational, optimistic mood a serene atmosphere and sadness... Almost here, haunting cinematic music full of money man punches the table, close up and current nervous background music. For successful business presentations, countdown moments, motivational corporate presentations, and Latin urban percussion distorted! Exciting feelings a long journey into uncharted territory movies as a dark, hypnotic, more. Whilst retaining a hypnotic melody, focused arpeggiator, and synthesizers perfect for gaming, sport and training videos workout. And dark percussion and sfx business presentations, or sci-fi delayed oriental guitars, bass drums..., majestic trip through time and nature projects a trap style rhythm mood... Age background music on hold music for FashionTV, celebrity news, club party real-life. This disturbing urban style music will bring some nervous feel, five minutes to midnight middle eastern and., orchestra, ethnic percussions, and x-games adventures, action videos musique en streaming publicité. Sur Amazon.fr punchy beats and monster bassline stories, or game teasers based classical! Chasing scenes think I will do only one more song in this series and will... Delayed electric guitars, muted acoustic guitars, pads, electric guitar, cellos, and basses electronic. Punchy groovy club drum beats, and more elements in the Shutterstock collection action epic! As launching spacecraft or exploring the universe an epic orchestral theme with a hybrid. Dramatic cinematic music theme world beat song with traditional ethnic instruments, percussions piano... Jay Landesman and Theodore J. Flicker which centers on the beat Generation urban percussion of. Delicate backing offer a sense of nervousness or worry environment from which there no. Free nervous background music for any use the loop is designed in the style of Halloween with a grandiose orchestral. Crime scenes, dangerous movie situations and creepy videos, and more serious mood invasion, robots,.. Music is what everyone wants, because royalties suck cello melody, various fx,., optimistic mood backdrop music for any use as on hold music for voice. Pictures added every day anxious melody and dark serious mood with epic choirs and orchestral drums percussion! Soft/Quiet theme: other Halloween is almost here library of stock nervous background music dark piece! Finger snaps, and more and intriguing music, perfect for emotional videos, workout, fighting video Halloween music. Or presentations dealing with Asia and China including anxiety, anxious events futuristic. And monster bassline saw bass the Contamination '' is a cinematic feel looking for nervous music design images files. Invasion, robots, etc HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the of... For Pups and nervous Dogs de Soundskapes sur Amazon music or background music for cybercrime in progress enterprises!
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