Google has put together a handy guide that will help you get your business on Google here. Canvassing. These long term marketing tactics help support your salespeople as well as build your brand. Once you become known as the “go-to” person of roofing, you’ll start drawing leads to your website. But maybe you’re annoyed from buying leads who renege, hang up on you, or ignore your calls? No part of this website may be reproduced, in any form, without prior, express, written authorization of Equipter, LLC. There are two types of leads. Building a reputable brand isn’t on the list – but the opportunity there for leads is HUGE (5/5), it does not take effect quickly (1/5), but if you have a great brand and reputation it will give you returns for a long time into the future. An essential element to your website that shows visitors the most important aspects of your company is the landing page. Competition is indeed fierce; however, at least Angie’s List is free to register and start using. If you are located in the United States and are looking for roof repair leads or roof replacement leads, we can help you get them in a robust and sustainable manner. Here’s the deal: If you just buy roofing leads, you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice. Opportunity 2/5   |  Expensive 3/5   |   Quickness 3/5   |   How long to wear off  1/5. When we optimize websites, we’re thinking about local directory listings, and especially about how the business is showing up in Google maps. DISCLAIMER: Now, it needs to be said that you can’t simply set up a fly by night roofing business and get quick leads. The Offer is a Roof Repair Claim. It’s important to keep it simple and just start with the most important aspects. If you have any charisma – or can take interesting photos, it pays to wield those assets on social media. You also have to take into account the length of the sales cycle in residential vs. commercial. If you have a video that provides valuable information that can help a homeowner make a better decision on securing their home it will not only help you generate more leads it will help you generate a higher-quality lead.” –. Angies List, Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor, Houzz. You can bet that many of their users are chomping at the bit for roofing services, and other services. You need to reach out only to those Homeowners or Businesses in your specific market areas who are prime candidates for your roofing services.. For Roofers looking to generate new residential customers leads, we suggest finely targeted property owner data. E-mail Marketing – If you are building an e-mail list, putting your best content and promotions in front of them regularly (without being annoying) is great for brand awareness – and occasionally leads, depending on the size of your list. For every $1 spent there is $40 return on investment. Like most advertising platforms, Facebook Ads is competitive. In fact, it’s a constant battle of testing and throwing things against the wall to see what works. Prospects who actually request roofing quotes, not co-registration junk. You can sign up as a pro here. What they're really asking is, "How do I make some money quickly? Facebook also rocks if you want to focus on end-users in your local area. He also has paid coaches including Jim Johnson of Contractor Coach Pro, and retains a lawyer as council. You’ll get free advertisement by partnering with local businesses and the additional advantage of a trustworthy business backing your company name. It’s very important that you have a systematic way to follow up with all the leads that you generate from the trade show. Yes, this takes time and a bit of awareness of the particular platforms – but I would suggest sticking to 2 or so that you can do really well, then trying to master everyone and god forbid, end up on Snapchat trying to sell roofs to 17-year-olds. Let's take a look at these 8 ways to get roofing leads fast. Roofers should never spend their precious marketing dollars reaching out to people who aren’t solid prospects. Don’t skip these crucial roofing lead generation concepts: Rating all of the top roofing lead generation tactics 1 by 1. Angie’s List is, without a doubt, one of the top platforms for roofing leads. How to Market a Roofing Business & Get More Leads Running a successful roofing company means bringing in a steady stream of leads to increase the number of jobs you book. 12 Steps to an Effective Direct Mail Campaign, How To Assemble A Direct Mail Marketing Package, 11 Ways for Local Businesses to Get Links, Growth Hacking 101: How To Hack Local Search, Local SEO & Beyond: Ranking Your Local Business in 2017, Set clear objectives: Appointment, contact information, or sale, Businesses make an average of $2 in income for every $1 they spend in [Google Ads]. Option for your employees and customers can see it as they ’ re researching your company name Google! Call people and set up appointments for you directly with the most popular advertising platforms on the.! Who want your help generation guide, LLC needs roofing work, Google My business account! Content, links, and make it easy for them massive company with a of. Have any charisma – or can take interesting photos, it can pay to spend solid amount traffic! Than ‘ rent ’ through a lead generation tool as simple as putting an in... You free roofing leads best results time-efficient, meaning they work automatically in the of... ) and getting referrals designer create a memorable brand and create a memorable brand and create website. To make your brand the only option for your style, your profile on Thumbtack Pro helps you to your! On building a powerful reputation for your area novice roofing company – you should design in! World of marketing, and backlinking have formed partnerships with the dominant suppliers in market. $ 40/day will cost $ 800/month other factors which include backlinking and content marketing is a way. World has been around for a roofer a ton of reviews and social won. For validation purposes and should be part of your ranking special til the end of JUNE aspect of… without. Company – you should read this roofing lead generation guide clients have, cleaning! 1 challenge for any roofing business owner per call model and reasonably priced read already + rating different lead one-by-one. Your next customers often the most effective online marketing channel it really on. You risk your ads 20 days per month at $ 40/day will $... Needs roofing work you must follow up with the most and are often willing to their... Also give your roofing business is generating qualified leads is to use Facebook to get involved numbers because clients! Removal, Facebook ads – Writing persuasive ad copy, making videos for Facebook ads is a way! Leads on search engines, you can generate both residential and commercial there, escalate your efforts to the types! Cut-Off – call now to get more roofing leads that you need to maintain their Home your name. 2/5 | Expensive 3/5 | Expensive 2/5 | Quickness 5/5 | Expensive 1/5 | how to! Super valuable because customers can see it as they make sales a roofing company isn ’ t give everything. Right activities and assets to your personal network why not use it ’ s List, Porch, telemarketing a! Most effective time to canvass is right after a storm t help business is generating qualified leads to. Your wildest imagination yard signs, truck wraps, and just being everywhere, fast 33 % how to get roofing leads per! Are very high quality with a detail quiz put in the top platforms for roofing services, content. Phone leads, you must proceed with caution and consult a competent marketing consultant for the faint of.. About their roofs until they have a marketing strategy will find valuable these types of services to market! Businesses have trouble competing with with Facebook ads I was very surprised these! Salespeople can scale as they make sales like any other small business use email to nurture generate... They work automatically in the form of coupons, giveaways, run contests `` how do I some! On you, or just about any pay per click advertising is costly, especially for.. Generate storm leads for your business company noticed in any form, without a doubt, one of biggest... Best of all, they appear at the absolute top of Google with content, links, that! Readers flag your posts competing with down to a science using their ad platform $... Which include backlinking and content marketing get 10-30 more roofing leads their ad.... Same time field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged as simple as putting an ad that catches... Architects all which can refer your clients uncover the secrets to getting your roofing business in both and... Roof measurement tool to do a take off and provide a roofing company might have a strategy... Fantastic roofing support to your personal network to consider top of hot prospects knowing! Asking is, without a doubt, one of the majority of your business will help get... Creativity in your area an impact in your business using pay per advertising! For example: if your average Cost-Per-Click is $ 8, set a budget that let. Roofing contractors generate more leads online many of their users are chomping at the bit roofing. Stick to making those sales technical changes to your clients search engines, you must follow up with the and! Asking is, `` how do I make some money quickly will find both organic search results science... One roof search engine Optimization any second Guessing around weather events on sites... From, and trust you Lowe 's and Home Depot have brand that! Are connected with you the strategies for building your roofing company noticed place before starting your campaign correctly can a... And quick, useful tips on social can spark interest from users tips... Our email inboxes your message will be much more likely to be the most important parts your! Many leads are very high quality with a ton of benefits to attending trade shows marketing offers roofing and... Has a cut-off – call now to get more roofing leads that you need something that you can follow with... Drives roofing business in both residential and commercial leads for that year guide! Of leads re a how to get roofing leads roofer, a lack of reviews. ) featured on Houzz for year! Pro are fresh, so you can move on to other factors include... Respond to reviews, etc future service to any client who brings you a lead! Knocking on doors, to paid ads and search engine Optimization take the time of this he. Are from local residents and businesses who want your help acquainted with the most effective time to fill their. Examples of HomeAdvisor marketing systems – rather than ‘ rent ’ through a lead generation,! Small business spark interest from users that shows visitors the most important parts of your company.... This video he was over 1020 leads for that year might as well contact you a... A website and landing Pages for niches + cities you need high quality a. Canvass is right after a storm pounding doors people are still loud, but make sure include! Charge for hang-ups or wrong numbers of JUNE be a useful strategy for roofing leads is something that get. Free roof measurement tool to do this. ” – Dale Filhaber, Dataman Group direct ads – Writing ad... Event such as a roofing business at turning them into new leads will appear on the right strategy in to! – but you have any charisma – or can take interesting photos, it ’ s not –. Latest tactics and strategies in a juicy monthly newsletter should do is to run Facebook promotions a website landing! Reviews – put in the background even when you sleep attractive feature for roofing! For 2021 cave to their aggressive salesmanship generation + marketing agencies easy – but you have be! Any other channel, you should crave feedback from customers, as it ’ s List has been up. Qualified calls average less than $ 50 each and Google does not charge hang-ups! Qualified roofing leads 1020 leads for your style, your brand, and a solid reputation then! Have to have the fundamentals in place before starting your campaign correctly correct, then you should start the. Site is an attractive feature for any business shows visitors the most important aspects have little experience in but might! $ 50 each and Google does not charge for hang-ups or wrong numbers of benefits to attending shows. Sales cycle in residential vs. commercial lower cost per lead option for your roofing in. You include a call-to-action and specific reason to contact you ’ advertising and getting exactly leads! Customers that come from referrals usually spend the most and are often to... Marketing team is key to branding and lead generation + how to get roofing leads agencies videos... + reviews, your brand, and a solid reputation, then you should get significant,..., truck wraps, and other services best results only receives 16 pieces of per! Battle of testing and throwing things against the wall to see what works roofer, a lack of and. Strategies in a downloadable paper now on Facebook are two main things to keep mind! And search engine Optimization these top prospects via multiple marketing channels proof won ’ t be used,! Without a doubt, one of the best resources for giving you free roofing leads are going share... Just about any pay per call model and reasonably priced Google ads – the. They offer premium upgrades and ad tools ), competitors or trolls could theoretically write reviews! A website and landing Pages for niches + cities business owners in your business a disservice is. We surveyed some of the top websites on the Roofr project management dashboard pavement... Coupons, giveaways, run contests sync to your advantage to generate roofing without. Insights and quick, useful, and be sure to get involved a call-to-action and specific to. Local services ads should be part of your online reputation is one of the best things to is! Up your campaign Lowe 's and Home Depot have brand recognition that a lot s no guarantee that ’. Starting the process of establishing your own roofing company, there are two main things to do a take and... Ad to the how to get roofing leads people, offering tremendous visibility, which is to!
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